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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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OLOSSABY.                                                       4$3

BA* u CHAKKAB EOJTA, to run away, to skedaddle,

KAKHYA, a preserve, a bit of woodland near a village, in which, from a religious
sentiment^ no trees are allowed to be cut by any one ; even. the dry timber being
generally accounted the perquisite of some Bairdgi who has his hermitage oa the
spot. Any villager found catting a green bough would be excommunicated
from caste privileges for a term of years.

BASTE, self-sown.   Thus, rukhri rani upaji, 'u, weed has come up. of itself/

RENGNA, to walk slowly.

BEHGTA, an ass*s foal.

RENHTA, a spinning wheel.

BEHKTI, a wheel for cleaning cotton, and separating it from the cotton -seed,

BEST (from the Sanskrit root ri> ' to distill'), any substance from which dye cam
be extracted.

A, to languish.
, to leak.

SABKA, the na?e of a temple.
SAKABAU, early in the morning, betimes.
SANTA, a thonged stick for driving cattle.
Sis, a cow-house.
SAUE, a quilt, or padded wrapper.

, steatite, soap-stone.
AK, or SEEI, a well-digger (from, sendhnts, to mine).

, cobbling (from setra, & deriFative of ti, * to sew.*)
SOHNI, a broom,

Sosr, a substitute for the affix *<?.
Strer B AETNA, to be silent.

SWANT, relief : thus, dawa dete M want far gai, * as soon as the medicine was
given, he got relief.*

a tank, or reservoir for water, when cut out of the natural rock, m oa
the Nand-gauw and Barsana hills.    Probably from tdnJsit ' & chisel*
TAP, the base of a pillar.
TAEAK, a square beam.
Titf, a lather's elder brother (for fda).
TJZAKX, a shopkeeper's stall
TEASAK, affectation, display.
TIKRA, a kind of bread, like mare.
TXLLA, a blow.
third watering of any ccop.